UTEKAR FISHERIES provides complete solutions for Commercial, Modern & Hi-Tech Aquariums. It is an Structured organization were aquariums are categorized in depts. such as freshwater, marine, plantation, maintenance and projects. Based in Mumbai on 3050sq.ft. area. Read more...


  • Utekar Fisheries design for public aquarium has been approved for India's Biggest Aquarium at Surat.

  • Renovation of India's oldest Aquarium - Taraporevala Aquarium.

  • Contract Awarded: filtration system, aquarium internal decoration, aquarium lighting effect, maintenance of filtration system, innovative ideas such as jelly fish aquarium, marine and fresh water touch pools, waterfall with Koi pond, fish supply and food supply.

  • Utekar Fisheries is now importer and have sole distributor ship for XILONG brand in India. 

    Pioneer in setting JELLY FISH AQUARIUM in India.

  • Awarded Dr. Hiralal Chaudhuri BEST FISH FARMER AWARD for significant contributions in Ornamental Fisheries at National level for first time as ornamental entrepreneur.

    Received Award for “Excellence in Ornamental Fisheries 2014”.

  • Utekar Fisheries won the tender for installation and maintenance of Oceanarium, the biggest ever tender in Aquarium field of India.

  • Done collaboration with Reynolds Polymer, USA for upcoming big projects.

  • Mock up done of 24ftx5ftx9ft Aquarium for Green Woods Palaces & Resorts Pvt. Ltd., at Hotel T1-C, Domestic Airport, Mumbai.

    16ft. Aquarium Mock up for Hotel Sahara Star.

  • Completed Ratnagiri Public aquarium work in a record time of 15 days for which the University has felicitated and given Appreciation Certificate.

  • Created International level Quarantine Department in Taraporevala Aquarium which is first of its kind in India to acclimatize Import fishes.

  • Got experience of filtration system for handling 3,58,500 Liters of Marine Water and 1,49,500 Liters of Fresh Water.